We have some Tips for you :

Tip 1: 100%

Let your team know that 100% of their donation is destined to our cause.

Tip 2: Change your way of thinking

When you're asking for money, remember that your giving your team the chance of saving a childs life!

Tip 3: Keep contact

Creat a FB group, send weekly updates informing about how close you are to your goal.

Tip 4: Be an example

The best way to making others donate is by you donating first! Make a fist donation similar to what you want your friends to contribute.

Tip 5: Make it personal!

Share your story, tell them why this cause is important to you and why you decided to run with Kardias, the more personal your race is, the more involed your community will become.

Tip 6: Ask ask ask!

You only get what you ask for! Donations sometimes come from the least expected people, dont limit yourself to your close community.


Register and become a virtual runner. Invite your friends and family to be part of your team and help children to go to school.

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Runner profile

Position: 96

4C Lower School

4C Lower School

Mari Ceci Rojas


Donor. Mateo Lanzagorta

Donation:$ 50.00

* I am going to :

Mateo Lanzagorta

Donor. Mateo González

Donation:$ 500.00

* I am going to :

Mateo González

Donor. michael

Donation:$ 450.00

* I am going to :

Donor. PINS

Donation:$ 120.00

* I am going to :